Steel City Pops Houston - Commercial Photography

Steel City Pops started out in Birmingham, Alabama and just opened their doors at a new location in the Heights neighborhood of Houston. Congrats to them! I was thrilled to photograph the new location the day before the grand opening to capture the architectural elements and sleek modern design of the space while still all shiny and new! The combination of subway tile, steel, and reclaimed wood photographs fantastically and there is no lack of beautiful window light in the shop. Here is the main register area:

Steel City Pops Houston

After the opening I came back to photograph some action shots of the employees making the delicious pops. I like this kind of commercial lifestyle photography because I get to observe and learn something new while working to find the best compositions, light, and tell the story of what goes on in this space. I tried to capture bits of the whole process from chopping, mixing, pouring, freezing, sorting, and packaging to eating the final product. The employees had fun and it was a blast to capture part of their work day and enjoy a frozen treat at the end.

If you're now craving a tasty watermelon pop, you can find one at 420 E 20th Street:


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